Iowa-Host - How We Began

Iowa-Host is a website hosting company in Iowa that provides Affordable, Secure, and Reliable Web Hosting in Our Iowa Data CenterIowa-Host has been providing reliable and affordable website services to hundreds of satisfied clients since the early 2000's.

Our website and hosting company started out as a small website design company, Hunter Creative Group, who worked with many clients all over the United States. Surprisingly, most of the beginning website clients were not from the local Iowa area, but were (mostly) from Wisconsin, Washington DC, Florida, and California due to the search engine optimization techniques that had been applied to each of the custom websites as it was being created by the website designer. The (SEO) search engine optimization techniques helped each of the websites in the organic searches by helping them to reach the top search engine listing results as #1 for their key words. Because the custom websites were reaching the top of the searches, it was (also) proving to be beneficial for Hunter Creative Group, who was (also) getting noticed for having the ability to create those high-ranking websites.

The website business was flourishing! Unfortunately, this was (also) where the business began to run in to some serious issues ... not because of a lack of website work but, more so, due to a lack of quality hosting providers.

Now, here's where our story gets interesting ...

As you know by now, the main part of the early work was creating custom websites. However, before a custom website could be created, a domain name and hosting account had to be set up first. This meant going with a big-name hosting company and paying them a high price for a web server - either as shared hosting on a reseller server, virtual private server (VPS), or a dedicated server (depending on the individual business' needs).

Around 2012, we started to notice that our favorite (big name) web hosting company started having significant issues. Since the website design business depended on web servers that were actually reliable, we feared we might end up losing several of our clients. Luckily, our clients were forgiving. However, in 2013, we noticed that a majority of our websites were going down more often than just an occasional outage. The outages began happening about every other month or so. Towards the end of the year, they were going down (reliably) every month. We found this to be completely unacceptable. After all, if the hosting servers were down, that meant each of the websites (on those hosting servers) were down. And, we knew that if the hosting servers were down, then our clients would be calling us. We didn't feel that it was acceptable to have a couple hundred people calling us each month to say their servers were down.

As such, we seriously began to research our options. Unfortunately, there weren't many options to choose from since we already had experience with many of the web hosting companies out there and we already felt that we were with the best one. So, if we were already with the best web hosting company, where were we supposed to go from there?

After much research, we decided to implement a plan to attain our own peace of mind and get our web business on the right track again. Surely, our business wouldn't have been able to continue to exist if we kept providing the low quality web hosting service for our clients that we had been receiving from the larger web hosting companies.

In 2014, after a great deal of preparation, we were finally able to open up our own data center, right here in Iowa. This allowed us to host all of our client websites in a secure environment, with complete redundancy so that our servers would not be allowed to fail. Our clients' websites are on multiple servers - including some on shared private hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers.

To be able to do this, it entailed obtaining the latest and greatest web hosting servers, software, and all of the backup equipment that was required for power, speed, and redundancy. This, also, meant hiring the right experts in the server technology and server security fields to manage all of our servers and equipment.

In 2016, after hosting our clients' websites for a couple of years - and going through all of the initial tests and occurrences, we're comfortable enough to offer our superior web hosting service to people other than just our own current website clients.

UPDATE: It's now 2017 and we're still continuously striving to make our web hosting the best in the business!

Why not give us a try ??? ... we think you'll be very happy you did!!!