Web Hosting for Websites

Website Hosting at Iowa-HostShared web hosting accounts are many individual, private, web hosting accounts on the same web server. Shared simply means that the servers used to host a website, have other private web hosting accounts on it. The only thing that is technically "shared" on this type of web hosting server are the resources.

If you do not want to be on a shared web server, we suggest going with a Virtual Private Server (known as a VPS), which shares resources but your website will get a specific amount allocated that is dedicated solely to your VPS, or a Dedicated Hosting Server, where you will not have to share any server resources with any other websites.

Each shared web hosting acount, at Iowa-Host, will include a private and easy to use administrative hosting control panel (cPanel) with over 410 free Softaculous Software Auto-Install website installations including WordPress, Joomla, and many more.

Unlike other hosting companies that often promise “unlimited” hosting packages and/or resources, Iowa-Host sets limits that guarantee our web hosting servers are not ever oversold. This guarantee is your assurance that your website will never have the slow performance issues relating to an overcrowded server. Note: There are exceptions to this, as some websites use an extensive amount of resources that would not work well on a shared web hosting server. However, for most websites, shared web hosting will work well. The exceptions to this might be certain Content Management Systems (CMS) - for example: WordPress - websites that (oftentimes) will have bloated files and be very slow to load due to certain plugins, extensions, or modules it uses as those can be very bloated files. WordPress Hosting will ensure that websites using CMS' would be allocated more resources to function without issues. Other exceptions would be business websites, where it is recommended that those websites have Business Class Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Dedicated Hosting to help ensure that your customers do not have issues pertaining to a website on a shared web hosting server.

Unlike other companies that promise large unlimited packages for a smaller price, Iowa-Host guarantees that our web hosting servers will never be oversold.

We promise to preserve and enforce the integrity and quality of each of our web hosting servers so that each of our clients is guaranteed to receive the correct and full amount of resources for each hosting account that they purchase. Our guarantee is an assurance that you will never have website issues due to a server that is overloaded from too many other websites using too many “unlimited” resources.

Shared Web Hosting Plans at Iowa-Host